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Welcome to the London Ontario Playground Review. I’m Nancy, a stay at home mom of three and a self proclaimed “Momedian”. My hooligans and I are so excited for this new adventure, we cannot wait to take you with us while we explore London’s playgrounds, splash pads, wading pools, parks and any other place you’d imagine bringing your kids!

A little about us… I say “us” because I now refer to myself as an “us” since I’m typically in the company of one or three of the aforementioned hooligans. On occasion my husband, whom I’m totally head over heels for, will also be in our company. But even on the rare occasion I find myself flying solo I get my kicks by telling the barista “we’d” like a NO WATER Chai Tea Latte.

Our family recently relocated to London from a little town south of Calgary called High River… Ironically enough yes there has been floods there. (They were devastating, and I really shouldn’t joke about it.) My husband and I have three kids whom are all very close in age, Madalyn who is 4, Hudson who is 3, and Spencer who is 1.5. They are our whole world… and also the reason we drink.

I love taking my kids on adventures! One of my favorite lines is “who wants to go on an adventure?” So as you can imagine things are never dull, or quiet around here. Since we are new to the city this blog is my way of giving back. I cannot wait to chronicle our adventures, and create an answer for all those times you’ve wondered about what parks around the city have to offer. So far we are loving London and we cannot wait to experience everything!