Outdoor Pool · South East London

Westminster Optimist Park

westminster-optimist-park-017Westminster Optimist Park

Better late than never I always say! I’ve been meaning to hit this park since the summer started but it always somehow managed to get bumped off for another park… Well not this time! I actually came upon this park by accident, I was cruising and I drove past it, I swear I heard it calling my name, until this park found me it was simply some type on a white sheet of paper with nothing denoting its awesomeness.

The Toddler Park


A unique climber, spiral staircase slide and a friggen teeter todder make this one of the coolest toddler parks we’ve been too. There are also two baby swings.

The Big Kids Park


Your kids like to monkey around on the monkey bars? This park has three different kinds. How about spinning until imminent barfing? Take your pick; the seat spinners or the two different standing spinners.


Feeling like getting tangled? Westminster Optimist has you covered.


And can we take one second to appreciate this slide?


Ok you’ve got to see it in person, the ladder up is totally part of its appeal.

There is also a bank of swings that has one more baby swing, one accessible swing and two regular swings, unfortunately my picture was blurry. Probably from shaking with excitement.

There was plenty of seating, not much shade near the park though. There was walking trails, two different parking lots on either side of the playground although  I think the north one is mostly meant for the school and preschool that neighbor the park.

Bathrooms I’m learning are seasonal. I’m anticipating that come spring when the pool opens up that there will be a bathroom available, but for now take note that there is not. The park is set a nice distance away from the road and parking lots, and since it is sandwiched between two schools it is in a school zone, even though that doesn’t mean much to some motorists.

Thanks for playing! Got anything to add? Feel free to comment below.



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