Nature · North East London

Community Heroes Park

This little gem is super easy to find… In fact you are probably thinking you’ve seen this park before and that you know exactly where it is! It is right on the east side of Adelaide just before (or after) you cross the bridge, or in less confusing terms, the south side. What isn’t easy to find is parking. You could park in the Temple’s parking lot, as long as it isn’t the Sabbath, or you could park across the street in the sports complex parking lot.

No bathrooms, but there is ample shade and space to play. If you have little ones the proximity to Adelaide could be worrisome.


There is lots for little and big kids to do at this park. They did a really good job of covering most age ranges here.


Any park that has a rock wall, even a little one is a winner in my monkeys books.


There are only two swings, one baby and one regular.

The walking trails around this park are fantastic. The proximity to the river is also a mega plus for us since we love to get up close and personal with nature.

I wish I had more to add but I have to admit I’m writing mostly from a memory from nearly two months ago when we visited this park, but I never got around to reviewing it. So please as always feel free to let me know if I’ve missed anything!

Thanks for playing! Got anything to add? Feel free to comment below.


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