What Is Up?

Hello Hello my friends!

Can I still call you that… My friends? I know its been a while, but you’ve never been far from my thoughts. I figured I at least owed you a little bit of an explanation for my absence, which I am more than happy to share! I have been living life! With my eldest in school I have a little more freedom with just the two boys, I mean I’m still outnumbered but at least I have two hands. Are you just a little curious about what we’ve been getting into that has been keeping me away? Well I’m going to tell you anyway.

I have a thirsty brain, at any given time I’m usually reading at least two books, one to help be become a better person and another purely for entertainment. I’ve started reading the “Whole Brain Child” and I had a realization that if I wanted to be able to apply the techniques from the book into my life I had some work to do on myself. The stress of 3 small kids is enough on its own to drive a mom to drinking, but dealing with it when all of your family support is hours and hours away… Well you get the point, but in case you missed it I basically mean every day we SURVIVE is a good day. With that in mind I’m sure you can imagine my fuse is shorter than it should be, and every night I lay awake in bed killing myself over all of the teaching opportunities I missed because I lost my cool and had a tantrum of my own.

If you know me personally… Or even talked to me for more than ten minutes one of the first things I mention is that I have a bit of a hot head. It’s a problem that’s been exacerbated through having kids and moving…a lot of moving… But it has been a problem I’ve been aware of, desired to fix, and I just have not came across the best way to make real changes that are going to last. As I read about how kids “flip their lid” when they tantrum, and how that moment is when they need us the most to “CONNECT and then redirect” (my new mantra) I realized I absolutely DO NOT have the patience, but I needed to figure out how to get to a place where I could so that I could be a better parent, and raise better kids. Enter the 30 day quest for calm.

So for the next 24 days ( I’m 6 days in) I am not putting anything I can’t handle onto my plate. I love going to new parks, and I love writing about them, but right now I’m living in the moment and there are just a lot of days where I feel like I can’t handle the extra task. So that is why I’ve been MIA.

Since we are all here together anyway I’d love to share a little about my experiment. I resolved to devote 30 days to myself… Selfish right? But I know that I need to do some self discovery to really figure out the best ways for me to be calmer, and to stay calm in tough situations. I have a couple things that I am choosing to do daily. I say daily loosely because if fitting a task in is going to make me more stressed then that is completely counterproductive. Anyway I chose a couple things I love and that I always wished I did more of. Yoga and 30 minutes in nature. Those are my baseline. I’ve also added in aromatherapy because I found a scent that I love and it makes me happy. It also makes me smell like a hippy. Throughout this next 24 days I plan to continue to try new and different things that are supposed to be calming, and create peace and really learn what works best for me. I’m also learning my triggers which is super helpful because once you’ve identified them you can figure out how to avoid them.

The coolest part of the experiment so far is getting to have my kids be there with me, learning about themselves while I learn about myself, and together we are all calming down and becoming more peaceful. It’s only been 6 days and I feel so much more patient, calm, and happy, I can’t wait to see the changes it is going to bring after the whole 30 days. Thanks for letting me share with you! I’ll be around, I’m definitely not going anywhere, I’m just trying to keep my priorities straight. There will be new blog posts. I’ve just chosen, for now, to loose the rigidity of a schedule. You can also look forward to a synopsis once the experiment is complete, I mean I have to tell you how it ends now right?!

Thanks for playing!


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