North East London · Outdoor Pool

Stronach Park

This park is located behind the Stronach Community Centre at 1221 Sandford St.

Fall, I LOVE fall! Maybe it doesn’t really look like fall around here yet, but you can catch a glimpse here and there of a tree just starting to change colors. I notice it the most in the air, the cool, crisp and fresh fall morning air. I love breathing in that air each morning I walk my daughter to the bust stop. What a great way to start the day. Then once she’s hustled her way onto that big yellow bus the boys and I are free to take advantage of the day, today we found ourselves here at Stronach Park.


This park as you can see has lots of early morning shade, but those big trees will throw shade all day long! To find this park you need to walk behind the community centre, and its a bit of a hike no matter what part of the parking lot you park in. There is a wash building to the left of the walking path, there are also washrooms inside the community centre.


The kids loved climbing all over this lizard, although it has been “decorated” it was still a highlight of this park.


The boys also enjoyed climbing on this hamster wheel… I use the term climbing loosely, mostly Hudson attempted to climb on top while Spencer rolled it making him fall off over and over.


There was also a rock wall that was super fun!


It has two baby swings and two regular swings.

Overall this park was a nice little park, it has everything my boys needed to keep busy for about an hr or so before they got bored. It wasn’t what I was expecting. When I read the description I definitely thought they would have a really good sized and super fun park here especially since I’m sure there are a lot of kids that play here alas such was not the case. This is why I’ve decided my blog is necessary, so you have pictures and you know about the park before you go there, this way you don’t have to face the same disappointment as I do occasionally.

On another note, the outdoor pool here is closed for the season but it looked like a great pool for kids. Something to keep in mind for next summer!

Thanks for playing! Go tanything to add? Feel free to comment below.



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