South West London · Spray Park

Lambeth Centennial Park

Another park/splash park duo for you! Can you tell I’m trying to hammer out the last couple I have left to do before they shut them down for the summer? I have 5 left, and 6 days to do it… Do you have faith in me? I don’t know if I do!

I’ll start off by saying if your looking for a really fun park for kids ages 2 or less, this is not the park for you. The spray pad is wonderful but the playground is definitely geared to older more monkey like children.

This is the toddler portion of the park.

As you can see its quite small.

Here is the I mean big kids park.

Lambeth Centennial Park 017

What I do really appreciate about this part of the park is that young kids can’t even climb up. If they can’t get up then they won’t fall down!

The wheel was a huge favorite at another park we visited earlier in the summer, but today they didn’t even touch it.

Lambeth Centennial Park 025

The swing set here has two regular swings, one baby swing and one accessible swing.

Onto my favorite part of this park; The splash pad!

Lambeth Centennial Park 032

It has the nice recycled rubber top, is nicely shaded and has a great variety of water features.

Lambeth is nice and shady. There is a good amount of benches and picnic tables. The parking that is available is shared with the arena and so is the bathroom. Warning! The “public” bathroom on the side of the building has a dirty, nasty steel toilet with no seat, I felt like I’d just walked into a prison cell. So if the arena is open do yourself a favor and go in there, or wander back to the community center… or at a last resort pee in the bushes because any where else will be better than that bathroom.

The road that leads into the parking lot is quite busy, and most people drive far too fast down it. Also down another trail at the park opens up to another busy road, so if you have a runner I’d stay away. If you have older kids where that’s not a concern I’m sure they’ll love it.

Thanks for playing! Got anything to add? Feel free to comment below.



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