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Oakridge Optimist Park

One of the reasons I absolutely love visiting parks is the chance to connect with friends. The wonderful thing about a park is that there is lots of space and neat things to keep the children entertained so that you can have a semi-coherent conversation. Don’t get me wrong there will be plenty of interruptions… Just maybe not as many as when you are at home, and you’re yell-talking to your friend over the screaming children. *Side-note: Is it just me, or does your house suddenly feel a whole lot smaller when you add an extra child or two?

Enter Oakridge Optimist Park. This park/spray park combo was a nice treat on this super sunny day. There is a toddler park, a big kids park, a swing set, aaaaaand a splash park!

Oakridge Optimist 002

The toddler park is ramp accessible and has lots of interactive parts. It was, in my opinion, a really cool toddler park. In fact, today my kids played here more than they did at the big park.

Oakridge Optimist 005

Spencer loved the little rock wall climber.

Oakridge Optimist 003

The big foot climber was also a hit!

The big kids park had a lot for the kids to do, kids who are able to do the monkey bars would absolutely love this park!

Oakridge Optimist 007

There is rings and monkey bars! The slides were of course another favorite once they finished drying them off with their bottoms… Oops mom forgot a towel.

Oakridge Optimist 008

The spider web climber was really cool! I just love watching the kids challenge themselves to find new ways to run, jump and climb. PS if you are wondering if that’s a wiener dog in the picture? Yes, yes it is. What better day to flash you with my wiener than a Monday.

Oakridge Optimist 010

And that my friends is the big kids park.

Oakridge Optimist 012

This swing set only has one baby swing and one accessible swing, but it does have two regular swings.

So once your little turkeys have gotten hot from all the playing and running around that I know they’ll do here, you can saunter on over to the splash pad to cool off.

Oakridge Optimist 017

Oakridge Optimist 013

The splash pad has a great variety of water features sure to please young, and older kids alike.

Oakridge Optimist 016

SAY WHAA?!?! A water fountain!! This park also has the cleanest bathrooms I’ve seen at a park yet!

We had a lot of fun at Oakridge, despite the awful wasps :(. There was lots of parking, walking trails, plenty of shade and places to sit. The splash park is far enough away from the playground that if you didn’t want the kids to get wet you could easily keep them away. On the other hand if your kids are going between the parks and splash park you do need to move around a bit to keep an eye on them. There was also a couple tennis courts, ball diamonds, and the Oakridge Outdoor Pool and Recreation Center if you wanted something else to do while you’re here.

Thanks for playing! Got anything to add? Feel free to comment below.


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