North West London

Nor’West Optimist Park

So you remember that time I mentioned I’m a total sucker for a theme park… Well here is another one!

Nor’West Optimist Park located at 48 Hawthorne Road has a totally awesome tree-house theme!

Nor'West Optimist Park 015

Complete with it’s very own tree!!

The toddler park has a really neat musical feature that makes different notes when you bang on different parts of the “drum”.

Nor'West Optimist Park 020

It’s got racing slides and a curvy slide, and had been 18 month old approved by a little buddy of mine! The telescope was also super fun… So much so that the kids fought over it, a lot.

Nor'West Optimist Park 006

There is two baby swings and four regular swings. No accessible swings at this park unfortunately.

Nor'West Optimist Park 021

There is lots of green space around the park, and a couple benches. The park, as you can see above is a little closer to the road than what I would prefer.

Nor'West Optimist Park 008

The big park had lots of cool tree-house features that tie the whole park together, the log steps being another fun surprise.

Nor'West Optimist Park 018

The web as always keeps the kids very engaged! Today they pretended to be spiders to scare away the wasps.

Nor'West Optimist Park 022

And of course what playground is complete without some monkey bars! Plus the extra bonus that my 3 & 4 yr old could reach the lowest one!

Like most of the parks it has a wood chip base. It’s got walking trails, and lots of mature trees for shade. There are NO bathrooms… Terrible news for this coffee guzzling momma… But lots of tree cover if your little ones need to sneak off into the bushes to pee. There is a parking lot beside the park, but it’s for the school, so if you come after school starts you’ll need to park on the street.

Had it not been for the swarm of wasps relentlessly taunting us, we would have happily spent all morning here… unless someone needed to poop. Wasp season won’t last forever thankfully, but be warned that right now you may want to avoid perfume and sugary food and beverages… Not just here but most places.

Thanks for playing! Got anything to add? Feel free to comment below.


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