South West London

Greenway Park

This post is being brought to you by the massive pile of laundry on my bed that I’m currently procrastinating from folding… I had hoped that maybe when we got back from the park it would just disappear, but I guess today’s not the day that’s going to happen.

Greenway Park 038

Greenway Park is tucked back in behind the pollution center, and right along the river. The road feels like it goes on forever but it ends right in the parking lot that is next to the playground so just keep driving until you hit it. You’ll be in for some terribly unpleasant odors as your pass the pollution center but the park didn’t smell, today anyway! Also if you happen to have a fur baby, bring them along and you can stop and let them go for a run in the fenced dog park that’s shortly before the playground.

Greenway Park 003

The toddler portion of this park was great, in fact I’ll just go ahead and say THIS IS a FANTASTIC toddler, or crawler park overall! The kids LOVED the low monkey bars, and I LOVED not having to lift them up to them!!

Greenway Park 013

There were some higher openings on the toddler park so I’d definitely recommend keeping a close eye one any really little ones who might manage to crawl up there.

Greenway Park 014

The toddler park even had racing slides, I love these because you can go down beside your little one, instead of with them on your lap if they’re ready for the challenge.

Greenway Park 025

The bigger kids park is ramp accessible, but there are some bigger steps to prevent the littlest ones from getting up too high.

Greenway Park 024

What kid doesn’t love a rumble strip slide… Whats even better? Three of them!

Greenway Park 018

Bigger kids will love these sliding monkey bars!

Greenway also has a good selection of swings, two accessible, two baby, and two regular.

But wait!

There’s more!

Greenway Park 019

BATHROOMS! and both men and ladies had change tables! They also had water bottle filling stations.

There is so much seating, picnic tables and benches throughout the park. There is also plenty of shade! The playground has a woodchip base, as well as lots of garbage cans. Trails through the park lead to either Springbank or Forks parks if you’d like to enjoy a walk along the river.

There is also a nice deck to view the river from. We really enjoyed our time here today, if I would have packed a lunch and towels the kids probably would have played even longer in the river.

Thanks for playing! Got anything to add? Feel free to comment below.



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