Websters & Tews Falls


Well I hate to say this, but summer is coming to an end. I know that I’m not the only one who made an overly optimistic plan of all the exciting things we were going to do this summer, but the good news is there is still time!

I moved here from Calgary, Alberta. We lived less than an hour away from Kananaskis where there is some of Alberta’s most incredible hiking and every fall I always feel the same pang of regret that I didn’t do more. I know we don’t have the Rockies in Ontario but there is still a ton of amazing hiking you can do, and so we packed up **mostly** ready to hit the trails.

I chose Websters Falls for a couple reasons. Websters falls is nice and close to the parking lot, as well as stroller friendly. There are some stairs but they can be avoided.

**Quick note: There is a 10$ parking fee, and on top of that a 5$ fee per person over the age of 5.


This look out point was less than a 5 minute walk from my car, and there was plenty to look at. We could have easily spent 2 hours in this area of the park alone.


The falls certainly wasn’t quite as impressive as some of the pictures online depict, but it was still cool.

Kids and Waterfall

Spike fence 2

That brings me to my other reason for choosing this hike, Tews falls is only a 1.6km hike away from Websters. The way I see it, why only see one waterfall when you can see two on the same hike!

So once the kids finished exploring we bribed them onward with the promise of snacks further down the trail. We followed the Spencer’s Adventure Trail along the edge of the gorge and found a place to settle in for a snack.


Once snack time was over we walked a little further and found ourselves on the other side of the parking lot. So if you are unsure about how much distance your little one can cover just cut across the parking lot instead of following the trail. The trail to Tews Falls is not stroller friendly there is a large set of stairs, but the trail itself is quite even and easy for kids to transverse.

The view is totally worth it!


After we finished admiring the majesty of the falls we went back to the creek that feeds the falls to cool off and have more snacks of course!


The bridge over this creek doesn’t have a railing and thanks to some good luck, and quick reflexes my 20 month old didn’t have to suffer the consequences of that, so be forewarned no railing on bridge!

After the kids were thoroughly soaked and topped up on snacks we made our way back to the car. Our whole expedition took us from 10am until nearly 3pm.

If I can offer one piece of advice for you to make the most out of your day hiking with your kids it’s simply don’t rush. Bring a friend who’s company you enjoy, who’s kids play well with your kids and just saunter, let the kids take in their world. Maybe take in yours a little. Spend some time appreciating the greatness of mother nature, the fresh air, and the wonder inside those little people you created.

I hope you take the time this week to cross just one more thing off your summer bucket list.

Thanks for playing! Got anything to add? Feel free to comment below.


One thought on “Websters & Tews Falls

  1. I love the sense of adventure you are instilling in your kids! Fantastic! And great piece of advice at the end, we all need to slow down and enjoy the beauty of what’s around us!


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