Community Garden · Outdoor Pool · South West London

Thames Park

Thames Park 024

Welcome to Thames Park!

This park is located nice and close to the river and walking trails. It also shares a parking lot with the Thames Outdoor Pool. Despite my not having any pictures for you in this post, this is an amazing pool for little ones and big ones if your looking for another option to beat this heat!

Thames Park 009

This park is an excellent accessible park! I just want to add that I LOVE what they are doing to make parks fun for ALL kids despite abilities or disabilities, play is just so important for all kids, I’m very glad to see that they are making changes to ensure parks can be fun for all!

Here are a couple accessible features that I thought were so great. I loved that they came up with such a creative solution to allow anyone to be able to do monkey bars. My kids couldn’t get enough either, they loved that they could climb up, hang and drop without hurting themselves. The wavy pathway is also such a neat feature, plus its also awesome for challenging some newer walkers skills on uneven ground.

Thames Park 005

The park also has some great big slides, two swing sets that had two accessible swings, two baby swings and two regular swings. It also had wood chip ground cover, bathrooms, water fountain, plenty of seating and SHADE!! LOTS AND LOTS of glorious SHADE!

Did I mention that there was LOTS of SHADE?!?!

Sorry, that might have been slightly overenthusiastic… but it was really hot today…

The teeter rockers are one of my favorite pieces of playground equipment, they are as fun for the kids as swings… with wayyyy less effort. (The secret is you have to jump on top in the middle and just do a lil weight transfer from foot to foot.) My kids will let me rock them like this forever…like 10 minutes… which we all know is an eternity in kids time. My oldest has also taken a liking to these disk climbers, its a fun challenge for her.

Rock walls, tunnels, and a playhouse OH MY!

Music, telephones and spy equipment OH GEE!

This park is just the place for me… er, umm … my kids!

We had a great time playing here today, if we would have been better prepared it would have been the perfect day to play, picnic, then hit the pool!

Thanks for playing! Got anything to add? Feel free to comment below.


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