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Play Away Indoor Park

Hello Hello my friends!

I am so excited to do this review, Play Away London is London’s newest indoor playground! I was one of the lucky few to have a chance to get a little preview of all the fun to be had at Play Away, and there was certainly a lot of fun to be had!

For us, living in the farthest northeast reaches of the city (for now) the fun started on the drive, I got to listen to happy squeals the whole way down Clarke Road. The kids just love all the curves and hills. Then as we got closer to the airport the squeals got even more excited about all the airplanes that were everywhere. Needless to say as we marched through the front door I had a crew of happy kids rearing to play the day away!


Since we were there pre-opening there was still a couple minor things that were in the process of getting finished but I know once its fully finished its going to become one of ours, and probably one of your favorite places to play. Katie and her husband John have spent months researching and thoughtfully designing this play space to be an ideal location for kids 11 and under to have the time of their lives, and maybe burn some energy while they are at it.


The front entrance has plenty of low hooks for kids to hang their jackets, and nice high shelves for parents to store diaper bags out of reach of rifling fingers. They’ve even provided baskets!


045Come hungry! They are going to be bringing in some of the best baked goods London has to offer, and although I haven’t personally tried it yet I’ve heard great things about the coffee!

What good is amazing coffee if you don’t have somewhere comfortable to enjoy it? Play Away has some great comfy places for you to settle in and enjoy your coffee in peace… and by peace I mean the children are screaming at a distance instead of in your face. I’m sure it will be the happy screaming of having a good time, not the angry “he’s looking at me” screaming you experience at home.  Work at home moms, or student parents will love the work station. You’ll be able to get some work done guilt free while still being able to easily spot your kids in this awesome space!

Got little ones?

015 (2)

Toddler landing is sure to be a hit with a crawler, or new walker. The slides are a perfect height, and the bumpy ramp and tubes will help your little one master some new motor skills. The blocks were a huge hit! The kids just loved using their creativity to build a variety of castles, towers and the occasional abstract creation.



Your kids can scoot away to their hearts content in the Play Away Raceway!

Sliding more your thing? Race down the wave slide, or fly down the tube slide, then climb back up and do it over, and over, and over again!

I loved the variety of climbing structures and obstacles, and if you have to swoop in for a rescue the structure is pretty easy for an adult to maneuver their way through.



Ok so I totally saved the best for last!!

The Kangaroo JumperJumper

This is my first time seeing one of these at an indoor playground and we totally loved it! The kids bounced and bounced and when I finally thought that they were tired they bounced some more! I just have to say if your looking for a good thigh and calf workout… this is it!

Play Away is a fantastic, safe and fun play space! The kids and I visited for two hours and I still had to drag them out of there kicking and screaming. Come and visit them before the rush, they open August 10th.  I’ll be putting their grand opening August 21st 10:00-1:00 in my calendar, hopefully I’ll see YOU there!

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