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Kiwanis Park

Hello there!

Today’s adventure takes us to Kiwanis Park. If you click that link it will take you to a map that will lead to the parking lot that is closest to the park. This link will take you to the entrance to another parking lot that is closer to the splash park. This one was a little tricky to find, the entrance to the parking lot could easily be mistaken for a driveway it is right between 622 and 624 on Hale Street.


The play ground was great! This one has a really awesome climber that I haven’t seen before, I’ll call it a tube climber. I was awesome because the kids could climb up or down or through it.


The main structure is ramp accessible, along with a handful of other neat climbers to get you up.


The great big racing slide was also a huge attraction.

The teeter todder was great for the littlest ones in our group today… 20 and 22 months… they climbed right up and got that teeter todder a rockin! The marry go round was also a huge hit!

This part of the park was slightly lacking in the swing department with two baby swings and two disk swings. If you venture over the bridge towards the splash park there is two other swing sets, one with 2 baby and 2 regular swings, the other with 2 baby and one regular swing.

The toddler part of the park seems a little dated in comparison to the new park and the steps leading up to it are a little high, but the slides are a nice height for the little ones.

Overall this playground was fantastic! The kids did not want to leave! There is plenty of benches for seating, lots of shade, more than enough open green space for running around. There was not a bathroom here, you might come across a porta potty closer to one of the ball diamonds, otherwise your going to have to trek to the splash park where there is a bathroom.

Continuing on…

There is a walking trail that heads over to the bridge once your over the bridge you will see the splash park… unless you parked on that side and your headed in the opposite direction.

The bridge goes over a little creek where there are some nice little trails and ducks!

The Splash Park


The splash park is pretty small, but there is a bathroom here. Also you might notice that the ground has some of the colored recycled rubber coating which I love! It’s certainly not soft but its slightly better than the cement.


There is lots of shade, some seating, and plenty of open green space. I’d say its a perfect spot for a water fight!

So there will be some difference of opinion about this park, its not entirely convenient that the playground and splash park are so far apart. In the same token it makes it a great place to spend a good chunk of time since its very easy to change up the scenery if anyone gets bored. Today we started with the splash park, then played in the creek, then hit the playground. In the future we will hit the playground, get muddy, and play in the creek, then head to the splash park to rinse off and finish our play time!

Thanks for playing! Got anything to add? Feel free to comment below.


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