South East London · Spray Park

Southeast Optimist Park


The Southeast Optimist Park is a nice little playground and splash pad combo.


The park is pretty simple, a couple swings, a couple slides, some monkey bars, nothing really extraordinary here. Wood chip ground cover.


But I’m sure the kid will have a whale of a time playing at the splash park!


What I really enjoyed about this park was the location. The park is far from the road, there is a parking lot, a bathroom, lots of green space and shade, a handful of benches, and you have great sight lines so you can see your kids almost anywhere they happen to be playing.

There is also walking trails, a half basketball court and a couple ball diamonds if you’re feeling athletic!

Just a few things to note:

  • I was told by some camp staff that the City of London staff don’t often make it there before 10am to open the bathrooms.
  • The sensor is not sensitive and you need wet hands in order to make it work… so maybe bring a container or extra water bottle to splash it.

Sorry for the lack of spray action shots… I didn’t know how to make the park spray until my friend and splash park expert filled me in on the top secret spray park starter method.

Thanks for playing! Got anything to add? Feel free to comment below.


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