North West London

Plane Tree Park


Find this park here

After a few requests the kids and I finally made it to the infamous Plane Tree Park.


This park definitely has something to offer for all ages! The big structure is for ages 18months – 12 years and the smaller structure on the left is for ages 5-12, but my toddler managed it just fine.

This park is located on a bit of a busy street, but most traffic travels slow because of stop sign, also the park is far enough from the road that I didn’t feel like it was a hazard. The ground cover is wood chips. There is a porta pottie, but it was gross when we were there. The walking trails around the park are great! There is a lot of green space and some sports fields there as well. Plane Tree doesn’t have much shade since all the trees surrounding the park are young so I’d recommend hats!!

If your trying to hunt down the Lochness of the Thames you’ll find him here! Also the Hungry Hippo was a huge hit, it even has some not entirely accurate anatomy inside!


More of a cave dweller? You’ll find a nice cave fully equipped with bats, and treasure maps!


Plane Tree was a blast! We loved playing tag while running up and down the huge ramp, also our Lochness buddy was very patient while the kids climbed all over him… and examined all the interesting characters in his scales.

If you live in the North this park is nice and central, just west of Richmond and if you’re driving on Plane Tree Drive you’ll see it “plane” as day! Also if you happen to be a car enthusiast the local traffic is sure to thrill, no shortage of beautiful vehicles here!

Thanks for playing! Got anything to add? Feel free to comment below.


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