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McMahen Park


Hello friends,

Today’s review is for a little park called McMahen Park. If you travel down Adelaide at all likely you’ve been stuck waiting for a train right beside this park. In fact I’m quite certain it isn’t possible for a train to pass this intersection without stopping then reversing then going forward then staying stuck.

That being said shows you two of my major issues with this park, it’s wayyyyyy to close to a busy road, and its right beside the train tracks. They do have a fence up along the tracks but its hardly high enough in my opinion.


The park is definitely better suited to older kids who like to climb and swing, and who likely won’t wander off into traffic.


It has a sand base, and I was told by another mom at the park that it is a “shoes on” park because in prior years she has found questionable and dangerous materials in the sand.

There is a bathroom, its a bit of a stroll from the park, but still close enough to make it there before your munchkin code yellows… or worse… code browns. Also there is walking paths through and around the park. It’s a fairly high traffic area for an assortment of people, some being of an unsavory lot. I wouldn’t have felt comfortable leaving my bag unattended on a bench.

But then there is this…


The wading pool was awesome! You’ll notice its nice and far from the road, there is plenty of shade around, also like every other wading pool in London its life guarded! The deepest part of the pool is never more than 0.6M deep (or up to about my short 3 yr olds waist). They also provide toys!

If you are wanting to play at a more toddler friendly park you can walk to Carling Heights from here.

This wading pool is open from 11:00-4:00 Monday to Friday.

There is street parking available, also a parking lot at the back of the park (running parallel to Adelaide).

Thanks for playing! Got anything to add? Feel free to comment below.


2 thoughts on “McMahen Park

  1. I find McMahon playground is a too old for my 3 & 4 year old but they do love to bike around the community garden and play at the toddler park by Carling Heights community centre. They also have water fountains and air conditioning inside for when you need to cool off!

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