North West London · Spray Park

West Lions Park

West Lions Park 001

Roar my friends, ROAR! Ok Don’t but it is the Lions park…

This park shares a parking lot with the arena so there is ample parking space, also there are bathrooms located inside the building and a couple on the outside as well.

So this park is a little old… ok maybe really old. There is one play structure that is recommended for ages 5-12. There is sand for ground cover, which I hate but the kids love. The trees are massive and there is plenty of shade and open green space.

There is also a couple swing sets with baby swings and regular swings.

The splash park was a pleasant surprise.West Lions Park 007

It has a recycled rubber top. Its not soft by any stretch of imagination, but its slightly softer than plain concrete. The kids had a great time here!

There isn’t anywhere private to change, so kids will have to go to the bathrooms which aren’t very close, come ready to get wet… or just go a little European and change right there, that’s what mine usually do. Hey, if they didn’t want naked kids running around they should have built a change room closer 😉

Thanks for playing! Got anything to add? Feel free to comment below.


2 thoughts on “West Lions Park

  1. Can you include a google map clip of locations? I’m loving these reviews! Also would love to see a list of best playgrounds for toddlers, older kids, etc


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