South East London · Spray Park

Meadowgate Park

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Meadowgate Park 027

You are in for a treat! This park is Amazing! I have to admit this park taught me a little something about myself… I’m totally a sucker for a good “theme” park and this one definitely tickled my fancy!

I’m going to break things down a little different for this park… who says you’ve got to do things the same all the time anyway!

The Kiddie Park

Meadowgate Park 007

The Big Park

Meadowgate Park 018Meadowgate Park 016Meadowgate Park 017

The Splash Park

Meadowgate Park 003

Ok so now you know what the park looks like… Awesome am I right?


  • Big Parking lot
  • Far from road
  • Bathrooms (and change tables in both mens and ladies bathrooms)(also a place to fill water bottles)
  • Pic nic shelter
  • Lots of cool nature elements
  • Walking trails
  • Lots of open space
  • Soccer Fields

Didn’t Love:

  • Young trees offered little shade
  • more seating and pic nic tables

See pretty awesome. You’ll find this gem tucked away in Summerside.

Thanks for playing! Got anything to add? Feel free to comment below.


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