North East London

Virginia Park

Today’s adventure took us into Uplands, welcome to Virginia Park. Find it at 225 Chambers Ave.

This park is nestled in a quiet residential area. There are walking trails, soccer fields and a ball diamond. It’s also just a quick walk across a soccer field to Jack Chambers School.

Virginia Park 007

The main play structure states that it is suitable for children 18 months up to 12 years but unless your 18 month old is very sure footed and an adventurous climber I’d recommend close supervision. There are a couple openings that lead to different climbing apparatuses that are at least a 4-5 foot drop to watch out for with the littlest ones.

Virginia Park 008

There are two slides and a couple neat games built into the park that are sure to be a hit.

Virginia Park 003 But the best part had to be the seesaw! You can’t really tell from the grumpy looks on their faces but the kids were actually having an awesome time… This is one occasion I feel like I should have had a fourth child… Just kidding!!

Soaring high more your style?

Virginia Park 009

Swing till your hearts content… Or lets be honest… Push those munchkins until your arms are about to fall off. Who needs a gym membership right?

Once you’ve had enough wander down the walking trails to the pond. We even seen some Sun Fish in it, and of course those greedy ducks swam right on over.

This park was really nice. It was great for my 3 and 4 year olds, while we were there a school group of JK or SK kids even came and played too.

The park has wood chip ground cover and there are no bathrooms, but I did notice a Porta Potty over behind the ball diamond. There are also a lot of mature trees on the border of the park but the ones closer to the park are still young. Only street parking is available.

Thanks for playing! Got anything to add? Feel free to comment below.



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