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South London Community Centre

South London Community Centre 012

Hi Friends!

Today we decided to head south to this little park/splash Pad/community centre/library. This place most certainly presents you with options! If you’ve never been to a story time at your local library branch you absolutely must plan one! They read stories, make a craft and it’s a lot of fun for the kids. Just another option to keep in mind on those cool and rainy days.

As for the park… Well I was expecting something a little different to say the least… The description from the City of London Website had me thinking it was going to be a big park, alas this was not the case. So I’m going to do my best not to allow my let down expectations effect the overall review.

The Kiddie ParkSouth London Community Centre 008South London Community Centre 001

The kids really enjoyed the three way spring seesaw. I bet they spent more than half of their time on it. The web was very popular as well. This structure is a great height for smaller kids, and the slide ends nice and close to the ground so they wont drop far off the end, although they lose speed far before then. 😉 There is also two baby swings on this portion of the park.

The Big Kids ParkSouth London Community Centre 006South London Community Centre 004This part of the park really gives the kids a lot of creative options for climbing, there is also a swing set with two regular swings. The turn table circle was definitely the hit of this park though. My brave friend who joined me this morning also pointed out that this park doesn’t really promote collaborative play the same way other parks with a larger variety of play structures do.

The Splash PadSouth London Community Centre 009Today was too chilly to play in the water but this splash pad looks like it would be great fun! It’s unique since all the sprinklers are in the ground so there isn’t anything to trip over or run into.

Other features of this park are that there are walking trails, a ball diamond, soccer fields and there is a school nearby with another park if you get bored of this one. Bathrooms are located inside the Community Centre if nature calls. There are a handful of benches and a couple pic nic tables but there isn’t a lot of shade near the park. The ground cover here is wood chips, which they happened to be refreshing as we were leaving. If you venture over to the school park they used pea gravel as ground cover so it is not the best for little ones who put everything in their mouths.

Thanks for playing! Got anything to add? Please comment below.


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