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Get out! Get WILD!

Do you have a WILD child at home? Yes? Well then I have just the group for you!

Wild Child Outdoor Playgroup

I bet you are a little curious… What exactly could this wild child playgroup entail? Do you mean wild like: my crazy kid can run around and do kid stuff without me constantly screaming? Do you mean wild like: they will have new and amazing adventures every week? Do you mean wild like: they will get to see and learn about things a whole new way?


My kids and I look forward to this playgroup all week long! It is by far our favorite playgroup, and it is my kid’s favorite way to discover the amazing world around them. The facilitators are beyond amazing! They are so friendly and helpful, and very knowledgeable. They make the experience so special for the kids!

Wild Child is a FREE program put on by Childreach. The goal is to encourage families to get outside and engage in child lead risky play. Give your kids the opportunity to splash, dig, climb and jump outside, and all in a beautiful natural setting.

Wild Child is offered at different times and places every week!

Thursday mornings at 10:00am at Westminster Ponds (944 Western Counties Road)

Saturday mornings at 10:00 in Medway Forest (meet at the Museum of Archeology 1600 Attawandaran Road)

Saturday afternoons at 1:00pm in Killaly Meadows ( Meet in parking lot on Windermere Road, East of Adelaide)


Every week is a new adventure. We all meet at the designated meeting place, sign in, and start our nature experience. We listen to birds sing and wind blowing through the leaves. We watch the earth transform and become a little different every week, we see plants growing and notice new animals migrating home, or moving on. We touch the bark on trees, the slime in ponds… or on snail bottoms. The list goes on, and on. It’s something you truly need to experience for yourself.

The kids can catch frogs or snakes if they are quick. They’ll learn in the process about how to be gentle with living creatures and why it is important to leave them in their home.

Hey maybe snakes aren’t your thing, but don’t let that hold you back there are so many other things to experience and your kids will be as excited to go back as mine were I know it!

So here is what you need to do next: Pack a bag with snacks, sunscreen, bug spray, water and extra clothes if you want to be extra prepared. Throw on your rubber boots or old sneakers and come out, come play, get dirty and have fun with us!

Big kids are allowed too!


Don’t forget to stay for story time at the end!

Thanks for playing! Got anything to add? Feel free to comment below.


3 thoughts on “Get out! Get WILD!

  1. Hey Nancy!

    Just came across your blog on Facebook as I was reading about Wild Child playgroups. We actually met at the splash pad on Barker street in London on Father’s Day. Your little guy Spencer was in the midst of growing his Unicorn horn (lol!), while ours couldn’t get enough of the water!

    Nice blog! Hope to cross paths with you guys again!


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