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Gibbons Park

Gibbons Park 032Hello Friends!

Welcome to Gibbons Park. This park is actually what inspired me to start this blog. I was so excited to come here my first time and my google maps lead me to the entrance by the Montessori school where there was no park in sight. So naturally I cornered a stranger in the parking lot and asked her how far the park was and she directed me to another entrance… Which I drove round and round and didn’t end up finding. After having a conversation with another mom at our consolation park I had a better idea about where the entrance was and resolved to go back the next day.

So to clear any confusion if you are new to the area, or never been before please follow Grosvenor street all the way down into the parking lot. There is a brick entrance way that gives the illusion that you are heading into a gated community but you’re not, and if you had incredible eyesight you would be able to read the plaque on said brick wall that reads “Gibbons Park”.

So enough with the novel right?

Gibbons Park 013I’d loosely call this the big kids park.

It is the bigger of two play structures but I would say older kids would get pretty bored pretty quick. It has a sand base and is ramp accessible on both sides. There is a very cool mini “gondola” that is powered by a poor sucker parent, since it’s a little challenging for the kids. A trip from one side to the other had me huffing and puffing.Gibbons Park 015Gibbons Park 017There is plenty of morning shade!

The Kiddie Park

Gibbons Park 019

This part of the park has a wood chip base. My 20 month old really had a great time on this park, and I could actually sit back and enjoy my coffee since it’s lower to the ground and has obstacles that he can easily manage. There is also a swing set that has two baby swings and two regular swings.

The Splash Park

Gibbons Park 010

Although it was nearly 30 degrees today the only one of my kids that dared to enter the splash park was Hudson. There are a couple neat water features, the kids that were playing all seemed to favor the “leaves” that poured over the “mushroom tops”. There are quite a few benches around but when its gets busy it hardly seems like enough.

There are also pic nic tables, regular ones and accessible ones.Gibbons Park 018

While your playing I’d highly recommend you take a little walk down the trails. They are STUNNING!

The Park has Porta-Potties, although I cannot vouch for the cleanliness… I’d rather send my kids to pee in the bushes than into a porta pottie. Also there is a fairly large parking lot. I have to say though; when its busy it can be a challenge to find a spot.

Overall Gibbons is a wonderful park! They playgrounds are a good distance from the parking lot, its open so you can have kids playing all over and still be able to keep an eye on them from a comfy bench, there is plenty of open green space for the kids to play ball, it really is an amazing park!

There is also an outdoor pool next to the park and I suspect when it opens you will able to use washrooms there. I’ve also been told there is another separate bathroom close to the bridge.

** Sidenote: This park is as popular with the geese and ducks as it is with the people so unfortunately there is lots of goose poo… I’d recommend having the kids keep their sandals or water shoes on.

Thanks for playing! got anything to add? Please comment below.


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