North West London · Spray Park

Medway Park


1045 Wonderland Road North

Medway park is a really neat looking park. Likely if you live in London you’ve probably driven past it and thought to yourself “hey, that looks like a really cool park”. I know I certainly did. The park has 3 main play structures and a set of swings. There is also a splash pad located right next to it. The park has a wood chip base.

The Kiddie Park


This kiddie park is great for toddlers who are fairly sure footed walkers. There are some neat ways to climb onto the structure and two different slides they can go down. There is also a drumming station! My kids get a kick of throwing the wood chips at it to hear the different sounds they can get it to make.


The Big Kid Park

This part of the park does have ramp access so it is easy for the young ones to get onto. The highest opening probably has about a 7ft drop… which I came to find as my toddler had fun giving me heart palpitations as he hung out of it. There are a lot of neat and challenging¬† obstacles that would make this a really fun park for older kids. My 3 & 4 year olds loved the high slides.

The Climbing Structure


This structure presents a great variety of ways and objects to climb. Definitely cool if you have climbers!

Also you can see that there is a swing set that has one baby swing, one accessible swing and two regular swings.

The Splash Park


This splash park has a fishing theme as you can see. There are a few different features that all splash water in different ways. The fish on the line feature dumps water, the bobbers are like big sprinklers and the fishing pole sprays like a hose. Water sprays all over the place at this park to watch your phone or camera!

Overall Medway has a lot of offer with its parks and spray park but it is right on Wonderland Road, and there is no fence to help keep kids off the road . Also there is no shade, minimal seating, and no bathrooms on site. You can use the bathrooms in the aquatic center.

Another thing to note is that there is a high school nearby so occasionally you’ll have teenagers hanging around the park or passing through to hang out at the skate park which is also part of this park.

Thanks for playing! Got anything to add? Feel free to comment below.


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