South West London · Wading Pool

Springbank Park


West Entrance 1205 Commissioners Road West

This past Saturday I was excited to attend the grand opening of Springbanks new playground. It was quite an event. They had face painting, a clown, cupcakes, and snow cones to celebrate. We got there very early at 8:30am before they roped off the playground and the crowds showed up to check out all the excitement.


This park has a recycled rubber base which is my all time favorite park base. Its just so springy! There is one main play structure with a large variety of smaller structures. I wish I could tell you about my kids favorite features of the park but unfortunately after the grand opening there were too many kids having so much fun that it was very easy to lose track of mine… which I did, a lot.


This see-saw was really cool.

They have two separate swing sets. One is two big disk swings, and the other has a couple baby swings, an accessible swing, and a few regular swings.

The park also has a sand box area, and lots of neat things on the main park to keep your kids busy.



Pardon the caution tape in this picture… as you can guess this is right about the time they kicked us out 😉

Overall this park is fantastic! There is a lot to do for kids of all ages, including but not pictured a wading pool. It has plenty of benches and pic nic tables for seating, and lots of shade. The park is set far back from the road but is next to the walking trail so you’ll have to watch out for some speedy bikers.

There is bathrooms and parking in the park but I will warn you that is is not close to the playground. The nearest bathroom and parking lot is a couple minutes (as the toddler travels) away. Springbank would be an awesome place to spend your whole morning since it offers so much more than just the playground. Come! Pack a pic nic and play, walk, and wade your morning away.

Thanks for playing! Got anything to add? Feel free to comment below.



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