North East London · Spray Park

Ed Blake Park

Ed Blake Sign

Welcome to Ed Blake Park!

Park from road

As you can see this park is a triple threat. Kiddie playground, Big Kids play ground, and a splash pad. There is only street parking available so on days when everybody comes out to play finding parking could be a challenge, as you might have noticed it is a little grey today and its supposed to rain so we had no trouble with parking and had the park all to ourselves. The park has a wood chip base, a ton of seating (benches, big rocks and pic-nic tables) plenty of garbage cans and a large multi-stall public bathroom. The London Park staff came and opened up the bathroom around 9:30 today so if you are there any earlier than that a tree might have to suffice, also I didn’t notice a change table in the mens bathroom, only in the ladies.

Kiddie Playground

Kiddie Park

Recommended for children ages 18 month to 12 years. Obviously the car was a major attraction! This part of the park was excellent for my nearly 20 month old. He loved climbing all over the car, sliding down the slides and making his way through the tunnels. It also has some great interactive play stations for the little ones, the wonky mirror being the favorite of the three today.

Big Kid Park

Big Kid Park South view

Recommended for ages 5-12 this part of the park has a lot of really cool features! The ramp entry is awesome… but does allow easy access for younger kids, there is also some openings that are about 5ft high to keep an eye out for if you have a tiny and fearless adventurer. The kids will be challenged to bob-and-weave, to balance, to climb, and to swing in all different ways all over the park. The tall slides are also super fast and fun!

This park also has a “Bannister” slide which is something I’ve never seen at a park before.

Then of course the Merry-Go-Round! Let me tell you I really don’t have the tolerance for spinning like I used to… But the kids could not get enough!


Ed Blake also has Swings!


The Splash Pad

Splash Park

This splash pad looks a little dated, but when it comes to water my kids do not care as long as they can get wet! It was a little to cool for water play today, but we will definitely be back!

**We went back on a nice hot day and I was surprised to find the kids bored quite quickly with the splash pad and wanted to play on the park.

Overall Ed Blake has a fantastic playground that kids of all ages will have a great time playing on. Our family could easily pack a pic-nic lunch and spend the whole morning and into the afternoon here. There is plenty of green space, walking trails and a soccer field. The kids even got to see some ducks in the creek along the trail.


Thanks for playing! Got anything to add? Feel free to comment below.

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