North West London

Foxfield Park

Park Sign

Welcome to  the Foxfield District Park!

Today the hooligans and I packed our snacks and made our way to one of our favorite parks… so far any way! This easy to spot park was our go-to before we embarked on our park review quest. When you decide to come and play here you will be greeted with a luxuriously huge parking lot with ample minivan or SUV Space. We arrived shortly after 9am, since I decided to pass up on Timmies along the way… which I quickly regretted, and we had the whole place to ourselves for about the first 45 minutes. The park has a wood chip base which the kids love to dig around in, and is divided into 3 parts;

The kiddie Park

Kiddie Park West view

This portion of the park is suitable for kids ages 18 months all the way up to 12 years. On the opposite side of this play structure is a large, gradual graded ramp. My kids spent a looong time simply running up and down the ramp. I also love the climbing cave! The rocks are placed well enough that my 19month old monkey can get up on top by himself. Another awesome feature of this portion is that there are no openings at high heights that smaller kids could potentially fall through. Behind the rock cave there is a musical play-station that has bells and drums and other musical instruments so your little Mozart can play their little musical hearts out. There is also a “kid powered” music box where the kids use their limitless energy to make it play some cool tunes.

The Big Kid Park

Big Kid West view

Although my kids are still a bit young for this part of the park, its meant for ages 5-12, there is still a lot of ways for them to have fun here. They never tire of spinning in the green globe, or going down the “elevator”, and of course the slides are always a crowd pleaser. We spent a while tangled in the spider web pretending to be spiders and the bugs who get eaten by them.

The Swings


As you can see there is only one baby swing, but there is also the big red swing that babies could use as well. I like that they have put the rubber pads below the swings to stop the mulch from being completely eroded away under the swings, although it does pose a slight tripping hazard if your kids love Under Ducks… or Under Doggies I’ve heard them called here.

A few other noteworthy details are that there is a porta potty on site but it is quite a ways away from the park, and not always very clean. There are plenty of benches if your able to sit and relax for a brief moment during your visit, and one garbage receptacle. This is a newer park so there are a lot of new trees that one day, when my kids are grown up, will provide wonderful shade. As for now I’d recommend hats and being prepared to soak up some glorious sunshine.

Overall Foxfield is a great park that I’m sure you and your kids (under 12) will enjoy! It is located right on the edge of town so it is nice and quiet. There is ample green space if you want to toss a Frisbee or play a game of soccer, and if you enjoy watching or playing tennis there is tennis courts there as well. There is also walking trails around the park which prove to be very convenient if you need to “stroll” a baby to sleep while you have other children playing. Plus if your a social person I’ve found the residents of the neighborhood who frequent the park to be incredibly friendly!

Thanks for playing! Got anything to add? Feel free to comment below.


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